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From the Editor's Desk



       Greetings ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters from every culture, creed and ethnicity; welcome to God Prodigy Publishing where we operate with excellence and integrity. As you may have seen throughout the site, God Prodigy Publishing is not just a Christian company but it is also a publishing ministry, where Jesus Christ is the foundation for which it is built. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our customers and also to minister to those who we are familiar and to those who we are not. To provide the world with the proper insight of today’s times without reserve and without compromise. To set a precedence of truth unlike any company before and any that will follow.

       In the society that we live, in the communities where we reside, in every echelon and in every social-class there must be an element of truth, an element of dignity and respect toward ourselves as well as others. Violence is rampant in our cities, crime is on the up-rise and our nation is at civil unrest. The only foreseeable peace for this world is through the mighty hand of God! God Prodigy Publishing will always strive to provide ready materials for the eager, passionate and enthusiastic mind; to provide quality literature for education and enlightenment, to insight change with one body of work at a time.

       Again we welcome you to our publishing company, and we invite you to explore our site and see what great products and services we have available. You are truly a valued guest!