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"Because I will publish the name of the LORD:" (Deu. 32:3)

"All of my needs are met, all of my bills are paid and I have more than enough...
Increase, excess, overflow." (ICM)

Through God, we can achieve excellence.

Gnamou Henry, CEO

Gnamou Henry 
Founder / CEO

Greetings ladies and gentleman. Welcome to God Prodigy Publishing where we strive for excellence as a company as well as a ministry. We invite you to explore our site and see what great and affordable services we have available. Thank you for stopping by; you are truly an honored guest.

Book available as physical copy & E-Book 
Also purchase the Sermon "Mothers on a Mission" on CD
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This phenomenal sermon-to book message is a must read perfect for mothers of all ages

Bishop Jonathan Wallace
Senior Pastor of Inner Court Ministries
Author of the book "Mothers on a Mission"

Love Lust and Liberty

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The new Bible commentary from Gnamou Henry, "THIS IS A MUST READ!" Click Below to make your purchase today.


Gnamou Henry Founder and CEO
of God Prodigy Publishing
Author of the book "Love, Lust, and Liberty"

Liquid Soul


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An electrifying, powerful, inspirational, and motivation book of poetry. This product should be in everyone's home.


Catherine Ricardson Founder and CEO of CAT Creations Publishing
Author of the book "Liquid Soul"

Cat Creations also presents the inspirational motivational poem "God Loves You More Than Fact"
available today in laminate form
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Independent Publishing Firm for Christian Authors

Publishing & Editing
Get your message out with God Prodigy Publishing. We provide manuscript editing, proofreading, and publishing for Pentecostal, Apostolic, Baptist, Methodist, Science, Technology, and Business writers.
Freelance Writing

Learn about world news with a theological spin from our freelance writing services. We tackle topics that are important for the future of humanity. We also offer business plan writing consultations.

Business Info

Available 24/7 
Proudly Serving Baltimore,
Maryland, & Nationwide

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Click Here to Preview a Sample of "Love, Lust and Liberty" Bible Commentary by Our CEO Gnamou Henry.

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Learn about God Prodigy Publishing  

Spread the Word with God Prodigy Publishing. Our publishing firm in Baltimore, Maryland, distributes the writings of Christian authors, including those of our Founder and CEO, Gnamou Henry. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, We publish, edit, and proofread manuscripts for pamphlets and books. We also offer freelance writing services for clients nationwide. We will be offering a children's book and a comic book series soon.
Contact us for more information about our publishing firm for Christian authors. 


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